Mar 17, 2010

When the way is lost in itself

Sometimes imaginations appear to be
more or less like living beings.
Sometimes a man gets carried away,
when he should be having his X.X.X.X.
Sometimes thoughts come to life
and cause trouble to those who try to think.
Sometimes works of art become
like warning signs for the world.
Sometimes an unprepared soul has to deal
with things he is incapable of understanding.
Sometimes the curses of today's world
make us unable to see anything.
Sometimes our cities are full of bad spirits
and meaningless, terrible noises.
Sometimes the neighbours know that something
is happening, but they don't know what it is.
Sometimes there's bullshit all around you
and you can't say if it's your own or somebody else's.
Sometimes there's a wound to be healed,
but what is this in and out of love?

”24 hours, boys!” said Bon Jovi's manager. I used to watch their Breakout video at least once a week in the summer of 2003. It was one of my sources of inspiration for the new lyrics. And I'm telling the truth when I say that this OG thing was, besides being ”a favour for a friend”, a lucky chance to re-visit "the cold wastelands of youth". To say a few words left unspoken while doing a few things left undone. The final scene was shot up with no trace of blood, shot down with no blaze of glory. And that's the way it was meant to be. No real guns were used and the leather jacket I wore belongs to someone else (I sold mine in the nineties already). It seems I was identified as "the front man", as if it was me who's driving the band wagon. But things were much more interesting. And they remained as such from the beginning of this journey to the end. I think very few people actually realized all of this. And honestly, I don't think anyone..... So, I had nothing to do with the ”metal scene”, and I didn't listen to that kind of music anymore (which doesn't mean that I disliked the people, I just wasn't part of it – apart from being the singer of this band). I believe this was part of a greater "omnium-gatherum" that simply happens if and when it is to happen. No practice or preaching will help you to get the letters / moves right. And I was one of those ”troubled minds”, but I had a good time. We succeeded beyond all expectations. I'd like to remind you there were none. What happened between me and the rest of OG during the years 2000-2006 was like a closed circle. And it needed to be done. These things had a reason to take place. Everything was left open for the band and their new singer to go on a new cycle of their own. For my part this was like a cause riding to shoot the rebel. Or was it a law reaching out (for the ”outlaw”)? Maybe it was a lamb dressed in wolfskin, looking for a honeymoon with the real thing. That must have hurt. In any case, it seems that our strange kind of gathering delivered the goods and people enjoyed from ”all of that jiving around”. I didn't ask for this five year side trail they gave me, but I loved it all the more and nonetheless. So I still raise my cup for Markus, Janne, Harri and Jarmo for picking me up from a certain dead end station back in October-November 2000. Thank you.